The ultimate hack: Cutting cherry tomatoes

Cutting cherry tomatoes in half can be one of life’s great chores!!!! It takes forever to cut them one by one!!!!! What a hassle!!!! But with this hack it doesn’t have to be!!!!!!!!

Sorry to be channeling As Seen on TV ads, but this really is an awesome trick. You can cut your cherry (or grape–just small) tomatoes in half for those salads all at once, rather than one at a time.

The step-by-step is in the captions.

These are some amazing, sweet heirloom cherry tomatoes from this year’s crop. They’ve been washed and the stems removed. See the second plate. It’s really important. Place your tomatoes on Plate A (It’s up to you to decide which plate gets to be plate a or b, just put all the tomatoes on one of them.)
Place Plate B on top of Plate A. This works best with plates of the same size.
Here’s the most important part. First: Use a serrated knife. This could possibly work with a really sharp straight blade. But with the slippery plates, which can easily slide (and they do), it could be hazardous. In other words, I won’t do it. I like my fingers. Second: Slide the serrated knife between the two plates. Make sure to bear down on the knife as you cut the tomatoes across in a sawing motion between the two plates. If you have too light a touch, you’ll just cut off a sliver of tomato.
Boom! You’re welcome, and have a happy summer.

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