The best plans…

I’ve been working on becoming a contributor to VCBuzz, a local publication that features the amazing local abundance in arts, music, food, farming, surfing, sailing, hiking and on and on.

I needed photos and thought it would be a fun idea to bring the grandkids along, which would be much more entertaining than just photos of me fondling vegetables. This is what happened:

“Ollie, walk with Joy and me and look like you’re having fun, please.” Ollie proceeds to run toward grandpa, scowling (because he’s 6) & showing off his brand-new Fidget.


1st thing at the Ojai farmers market and Joy decides she can climb this umbrella pole. Right after this shot was taken, she put all of her weight on the pole, causing it to start to tip, which I caught with one hand and the help of a random man who saw the potential debacle unfolding.
Joy then ran from pole to pole supporting the canopies of each stand and started to try to climb them. So grandma said (in her sternest voice), “No climbing poles.” Ollie then walked up to grandpa and said, “Why is grandma being so mean?


They also had their cute moments. They got to try nectarines and Joy kept grabbing strawberries off of displays from down low, so she wasn’t spotted–just a little hand grabbing and shoving into her mouth until grandma took her away from the temptation. Plus the playground at Libbey Park and Serendipity Toys make any trip to Ojai fun.

“I like Ojai playground,” Joy declared.

Selecting tomatoes. “Red,” Joy pronounced, with great seriousness.
Strawberries are always a treat at the farmers market.



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