Ode to farmworkers

Just remember when you’re eating chocolate dipped strawberries, or delicious veggies that someone had to do the picking.

If it weren’t for the literally backbreaking work farmworkers do year-round no matter what the weather, most produce wouldn’t make it to our tables. No one is asking for a handout–they just want to earn enough money for a home, food and to provide for their families like we all do.

Many farmworkers are undocumented, but most will work hard and become citizens over time. Farmworkers should be celebrated, not rounded up like cattle and deported. We are terrorizing them, not the other way around.

If you’ve every picked strawberries or anything else you know how hard that work is. People need to stop vilifying and start celebrating and embracing. If we work together we will make the world a better, happier place. If we call names and terrorize people based on whatever is different we all lose.

Remember when you squeeze that lemon, or eat that peach or enjoy that salad to thank the people who made it possible.



via VC Farmer/Anne Kallas


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