Fourth market’s the charm

The Simi Valley Town Center is getting ready to launch its fourth farmers market. Three different operators have tried — and failed — to run a market at the struggling center. Will this one work?

Innovative New Certified Farmers Market for Families
Opens this Friday in Simi Valley, CA
The opening of the Simi Valley Town Center Certified Farmers’ Market will take place this Friday, July 31st at 4:30 PM – 8:30PM. The theme of this Farmers Market taking place every Friday year round, rain or shine… or snow (perhaps with our unpredictable climate?) is “From the Roots to the Stars”, connoting our agriculture & ancestral roots, to our exploration of the heavens & future.
A special star gazing activity will be available each week for families to enjoy viewing our solar system and beyond. The Farmers Market will include various forms of entertainment & spotlight presentations featuring artisans, growers, craftspeople, as well as non-profits and other community organizations.
This Friday’s presentation will include a salute segment and special tribute entitled, ‘Remembering Our Fallen’ by the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
There will be a wide variety of specialty goods and local flavor, as well as fresh California grown produce, Ventura County craftsmen, artists and novel businesses to discover and support.
Vendors are welcome to inquire at 310-663-2609.


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