The first farmers market BLT of the season

No. 1 BBLTA of the season

My husband and I share a deep love of BLTs and while ambling through the Ojai farmers market, I realized the time had come — in mid-April– for the first sandwich of the season completely from the farmers market. We’re not fond of grocery store ingredients for this King of Sandwiches.

The Mr. likes his BLTs straight-up — no tricks. Lettuce, tomato, bacon on store-brand oats and nuts bread generously slathered with mayonnaise.

I like to add basil (summertime tastes like basil IMO), bacon, lettuce, tomato and the aptly named bacon avocado that’s been ripening for a week. The picture isn’t much. The sandwich was perfection.

Tomatoes were from Peacock Farms in Nipomo; lettuce and basil from BD Dautch’s Earthtrine Farms, avocado from Churchill farms. So good we’re going to have another one for dinner.

Happy Sunday!


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