Springtime tart


I made an asparagus/ goat cheese/ green onion tart, inspired by springtime, which is busting out all over SoCal. It was better than I had imagined it would be.

Asparagus, goat cheese, green onion tart

1 pound asparagus, prepared

5 ounces goat cheese

3 tablespoons heavy cream

2 egg yolks

3 fresh green scallions sliced thinly

salt and pepper to taste

1 sheet prepared, frozen puff pastry, thawed

1 egg, beaten with 2 tablespoons water

Heat oven to 400 degrees. Prepare asparagus by snapping off ends. Hold asparagus about half way to the cut end with one hand and use the other hand to hold the very end. Bend until the asparagus spear snaps. Discard tough ends. Cook trimmed spears in 1-inch of boiling water for two minutes. Rinse and let sit in cold water. Move the spears around as you rinse them. Allow to cool completely. Pat dry

Mix egg yolks, heavy cream and two-thirds of the goat cheese until smooth. Add sliced scallions. Roll out puff pastry sheet until it’s about 20-inches by 9 inches. Score about 1-inch around the edges and poke the middle rectangle with the tines of a fork about 15-20 times.

Place puff pastry sheet on parchment or silicone mat on a cookie sheet. Spread cheese mixture to the edge of the middle rectangle. Place asparagus spears side to side, tips to ends over the entire tart. Crumble remaining one-third goat cheese on top of the asparagus. Salt and pepper to taste. Brush edges of tart with beaten egg mixture.

Cook in 400 degree oven for 20 minutes.

When cutting to serve, cut the asparagus down the middle first with small, sharp knife because the spears will still be crispy. Then cut tart and crust with a pizza cutter—first in half lengthwise down the tart and then horizontally into 3-4 inch pieces.

Just FYI: I ended up covering a chef for an article in the newspaper making a similar tart using mascarpone. Her’s was salty and not very good. This recipe is amazing (I say with oh so much humility). Watch the salt, people. It can always be added. It can’t be taken away, no matter how much lemon juice you squeeze.


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