Little farmer Ollie

Ollie and Grandpa Rob decided to plant carrots last October. It was a new experience for the little guy to turn the soil and plant the seeds. He was super-excited when they started to grow, and from time to time we’d check one, but they were developing really slowly. Winter in Southern California means things slow down as they grow, so we basically forgot about them.

But when we were watching Lindsay & Ryan’s two doggies Chewy and Maggie during the entire birth of Joy week, one of the dogs dug in the garden and Rob noticed something big and orange.

So yesterday Ollie and grandpa dug up all the carrots, which was really exciting … well, until poor Ollie tripped over the garden hose and scraped his knee. So now we have delicious home-grown carrots. I wonder whether growing them will make Ollie like them better?


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