Fresh ahi tuna


Another Ventura County treat — besides year-round flowers, fruits and vegetables — is fresh sashimi-grade ahi tuna delivered directly from the Ventura II to customers. The Ventura II comes to the Ventura Harbor a few times a year laden with line-caught ahi, along with mahi mahi, opah and other fresh fish.

I broke down a bought a small hunk of ahi tuna packed in ice that I’ve been munching on all weekend –after all fish is only good fresh. I made (if I may say so myself) an amazing seared ahi tuna dish served with buerre blanc, capers and the wonderful celery root/leek puree recipe from Christina Moore.

But today, I’m finishing it off by dipping the raw fish in a wasabi-soy sauce mix, munched with pickled ginger. I know the sushi purists say pickled ginger is supposed to be a palate cleanser. But the crunch of the ginger with the silken fish is irresistible.

Look for the seared ahi tuna recipe in next week’s Ventura County Star’s farmers market column.


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