Did someone say bacon (avocado)?

Bacon avocados from Jim Churchill, who got his start with avocados, before moving on to tangerines.


My friend Brenda Cusik aka The Avocado Diva offers the following for those who love these luscious green fruits:
(If these sound good, but you don’t live in Ventura County or nearby, check out her mail order business at http://www.avocadodiva.com/)

Right now there are a TON of Bacon variety. Bacon is the second most commonly grown avocado. But still — Hass is more than 90% of the avocado crop – so Bacon is way, way behind it — at about 5%.

Next on the “docket” of varieties coming into season are the Fuertes. Fuertes were the most commonly grown avocado in California from the 1920s until the 1960s — when the Hass fruit was chosen to be the “it” fruit for commercialization. Following closely on the heels of the Fuerte is the Pinkerton variety. The Pinkerton family is from Santa Paula. They tried very hard to make this fruit the “it fruit” — but it has some challenges due to it’s really long neck. Sometimes that makes the fruit ripen oddly. (The neck ripens first — or sometimes never). Still — its a BIG avocado with a small pit — so even if you have to throw the neck away – its not a huge loss.


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